Shop Affordable Titan Watches Online in the Philippines
      127 products

      127 products

      Shop Affordable Titan Watches Online in the Philippines

      Titan is the 5th largest watchmaker in the world with 135 million customers & counting. Titan watches are known for their quality and offer a wide range of styles.

      For men, there is the Edge collection, which features minimalist stainless steel watches.

      For women, there is the Raga collection, which features bejeweled watches in a variety of colors. There is also the Pastel leather collection, which offers a stylish and modern look.

      No matter what your style, Titan has a watch that is sure to suit your needs.

      Brief History of Titan Watches

      Titan is a company that makes watches and jewelry. It was started in 1984 and is now the fifth largest watch and jewelry company in the world. Titan has expanded into new markets and created different brands of products. People know Titan for changing the watch and jewelry industry in India, and for creating a new way to sell products through experience-based retailing.

      Titan Watches, one of India's leading watch brands, changed the Indian watch market by using quartz technology and international styling. The brand Titan is committed to offering watches that represent people's imagination. With new collections being introduced all the time, which connect with different parts of human desires for self-expression, Titan has over 60% of the domestic market share in the organized watch market.

      The Titan brand has different collections, each of which is a leader in its own area. Some examples are the world's slimmest watch (Titan Edge), watches made for bold and beautiful women (Titan Raga), and watches crafted with solid 18k gold and precious stones (Nebula). Other popular collections like Purple, Automatic, Octane, HTSE and Zoop also form part of the Titan portfolio.

      What is the price range for Titan watches?

      The price range for Titan watches in pesos varies depending on the model. Some watches are as low as 3,000 pesos, while others can cost up to 10,000 pesos or more.

      What type of movement is used in Titan watches?

      The type of movement used in Titan watches is quartz.

      How many collections does the Titan brand have?

      The Titan brand has a total of six collections: Regalia, Edge, Octane, Neo, Evolve, and Ascent.

      Each of the Titan watch collocations has a unique design and purpose. The Regalia collection is the brand's flagship line and features a watch with elegant gold and diamond designs. The Edge collection offers sportier options with silicone bands and more vibrant colors, while the Octane collection is geared towards active lifestyles with its water-resistant construction and chronograph features. The Neo collection offers minimalist designs with subdued colors, while the Evolve collection features watches that change color depending on the angle at which they are viewed. Finally, the Ascent collection is the most affordable option, starting at 3000 pesos.