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      340 products

      Shop Affordable Original Casio Watches in the Philippines

      Casio watches are perfect for anyone who wants a watch that is both stylish and functional. Casio has been making watches for over 50 years, and they have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation. Their watches are perfect for everyday wear, from timeless analog to classic vintage digitals.

      Casio's top-of-the-line G-Shock watches are shock-resistant and water-resistant, making them perfect for active lifestyles. These are usually called Casio watch for men. And their Baby-G line is ideal for fashion-conscious women who want a tough, stylish watch that can keep up with their sporty lifestyle.

      Casio also offers a wide variety of dress watches and sporty chronograph watches. No matter what your style or budget, Casio has a watch that's perfect for you. So why wait? Get the best Casio watches today and get free shipping nationwide. Shop for original Casio watches now!

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      Why Buy Casio Watches Online?

      • Wide Selection of Casio Watches Online

      Our Casio watches come in many different styles so that customers can find the perfect watch for their needs.

      • Secured Exchange and Return Policies

      Our watch repair service warranty backs our Casio watches, so customers can be sure they're getting a quality product. If you need any claims or return requests, you need to email with the information provided in our refund and exchange policy.

      • Save More when you Shop Casio Online

      We have a competitive price point among our competitors so that customers can find the perfect watch for them at a great price. Plus, you may use our discount voucher codes just by simply signing up in our newsletter.

      • Doorstep Delivery and Next Day Delivery in NCR

      Our free shipping nationwide service is the best in the industry. When you shop with us, you can be sure that you'll receive your order as soon as possible. Our next-day delivery service is available in the NCR area, so you can receive your order quickly and conveniently.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Casio Watches Online

      Where are Casio Watches made?

      Casio watches are made in Japan, Thailand, and China. Casio's premium G-Shock watch range is designed in Hamura, Japan and assembled in Yamagata. On the other hand, Casio's more affordable Gen-line collection is manufactured in Thailand and China.

      Is Casio Watch a Japanese or Chinese brand?

      Casio is a Japanese brand owned by a company named Kashio Keisanki Kabushiki-gaisha. This company is a multinational electronics manufacturing corporation based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. So, you can be assured that Casio watches made in China, are based on Japanese designs and standards.

      What is so special about Casio?

      First, Casio is a Japanese brand, and their watches are made in Japan with precision and quality. Second, Casio has been making watches for over 50 years, so they have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation. Lastly, G-Shock watches by Casio are shock-resistant and water-resistant, making them perfect for active lifestyles.

      How will you know if Casio watch is original?

      It can be difficult to determine whether a Casio watch is an original or a fake. However, there are several ways to tell the difference. Here are some tips on how to spot a fake Casio wrist watch.

      1. Case Back - Look for the Casio logo on the case back. There's a distinct deeply engraved logo on the original Casio watch. Furthermore, while the model number is clearly identifiable and free from errors on the genuine backplate, it is incorrectly typed on the counterfeit item. Check for typos and spelling mistakes.
      2. Serial Number - Look for the serial number on the back of the watch. If it's not the same as what's written on the box, that watch may be a fake Casio watch.
      3. Below the Average Pricing - Compare prices! There are many accredited Casio distributors in the Philippines. Always double-check your chosen watch on other websites. The watch is likely a counterfeit Casio if the price is too good to be true.

      So, buying your watch from a reputable source like Watch Republic is important to ensure that you're getting the real thing.

      Which is better Rolex or Casio?

      There is no definitive answer, as both brands have their own strengths and weaknesses. Rolex watches are generally seen as more luxurious and expensive than Casio watches. Conversely, Casio watches are more durable and shock-resistant than Rolex watches. So, it depends on your needs and preferences.

      How much does Casio watch cost?

      Casio watches cost ranges from PHP 2,000 to PHP 70,000. However, the price of a Casio watch will depend on the model, features, and materials used.

      For instance, the G-Shock range is more expensive than the Gen-line collection because of its durability and water-resistance.

      Meanwhile, Casio's Edifice watches are made with premium materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal, making them more expensive than the average Casio watch.

      How long does Casio watch last?

      Casio watches can last for many years, provided that you take care of them properly. However, the lifespan of a Casio watch will depend on the model and materials used.