Top 10 Affordable Water Resistant Watches this Summer 2022

Summer brings months of fun at the beach and in the countryside, including road vacations, diving expeditions, yacht days, beach getaways, barbecues, and more. Of course, you'll need an affordable water-resistant watch to keep up with you — one that can survive daily wear and tear as well as a (deep) dive into the ocean or pool.

Our top summer watches list is a good mix of summer classics and modern timepieces. All of them are trendy, elegant, and rugged, transforming your look from the beach to dinner and cocktails without a second thought or a strap change. So, let’s dive into our list and find the perfect watch for your summer adventure!

Hues 3-Hand 39mm Silicone Band

Make your summer accessories pop with these bright and bold Giordano colors. The new editions have a rose gold or gold metallic finish on the dials and their distinctive lion logo at the bottom. This is ideal for regular casual wear! Visit our Giordano collection to find your preferred hue. Get this affordable water-resistant watch this summer and receive an additional 10% off.

Sports Digital 50mm Rubber Band

Enjoy your summer beach party with this affordable Axis sports watch! It’s a multifunction watch with a dual-time feature and indicated day of the week. You may also light it up during the night to check its time. Overall, it’s a water-resistant functional watch that’s a must for your adventure. Get 20% off on your online purchase this summer.

Digital Digital 34mm Stainless Steel Band

Were you looking for a casual look yet a watch that can withstand some water splash while you are near the pool? Don’t worry; this Axis digital watch is characterized as a high-quality digital watch that will not break the bank. The combination of gold metal finish on its case and a black stainless steel strap displaying a sleek design. Grab this affordable watch now for ₱1,352.00 this summer only!

G-Shock G-Squad AnaDigi 49mm Resin Band

This model can measure distance using an accelerometer while linked with the GPS function via Bluetooth®. Once you take measurements with a smartphone, the watch will be able to measure distance on its own! It connects with your phone via Bluetooth® to support auto time adjustment, phone notifications, step tracking, and other functions throughout the day. Lastly, Battery life is approximately two years between replacements.

G-Shock G-Lide Digital 46mm Resin Band

The bezel on this version of the G-Lide watch has been enhanced. It’s is made of both resin and metal, with stainless steel for the bezel top for impact protection, which is very important when surfing on rocks underwater. This watch also boasts a highly reflective display that makes it easier to read under the sun. Get this water-resistant watch at 15% off this summer.

G-Shock Metal Covered Series Digital 44mm Resin Band

These GM-S5600 models have been given a 1990s minimalist fashion design and are smaller counterparts of the G-SHOCK GM-5600 Metal Covered Series. The dial features a textured appearance and the band is made of semi-transparent resin. It's a multifunctional watch that's water-resistant and has a bright display.

G-Shock Full Metal Digital 49mm Resin Band

New colors for the GMW-B5000 family of timepieces with metal cases and soft urethane bands have arrived from G-SHOCK. This watch brand is continually setting new standards for timekeeping toughness. Ion plating gives these watches gorgeous colors on the cases, buckles, band rings, and other metal elements. The metal bezels have a hairline and mirror finish for a special touch of elegance, and the band is composed of soft urethane for an incredibly comfortable fit on the wrist.

G-Shock G-Squad Digital 46mm Resin Band

These versions include a square face design and colors that have been chosen to match the most rigorous activities. Join the G-SQUAD that is the thinnest yet. The color of the inner case peeks through the side holes in the bezel, emphasizing the watch's thin profile. The light button is conveniently located on the case front, making it easy to see during night workouts. For precise accelerometer measurement, use your smartphone's GPS through Bluetooth®.

Lille 3-Hand 32mm Stainless Steel Band

If you're seeking a watch that will stand the test of time and transcend changing fashion trends, take a look at the timeless elegance of this Esprit timepiece. This timepiece is an excellent head-turner because of the delicate mesh strap and subtle zirconia finish.

Raga 3-Hand 35mm Mesh Band

Introducing the one-of-its-kind Raga Moments of Joy collection. This timepiece has dynamic components that are one-of-a-kind and fun to wear. This watch exudes elegance and refinement with an over-the-top crystal dial in a silver night hue, a distinctive transparent case in hi-gloss Rose Gold color, and a quality ergonomic rose gold mesh band.

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