Story Behind The Batman x Police Watch Limited Edition Collection PH

Police, the bold and contemporary Italian watch brand, is thrilled to announce their exciting collaboration with Warner Bros. and THE BATMAN. The two legendary companies have collaborated to create limited edition watches that feature the global phenomenon's bold and dark characteristics.

More about Police as a Brand

The De Rigo Group's house brand, Police, debuted in Italy in 1983 as unisex eyewear and a metropolitan manifesto for individuals looking to stand out.

From the beginning, the Police attitude was recognized as an Italian brand with strong international connotations. This nonconformist, almost irreverent brand quickly established itself as a standout. Police has changed itself throughout the years, evolving from a simple eyeglasses brand to a veritable lifestyle benchmark, based on its developing identity and posture.

Three Different Police x Batman Variations to be Released in PH

The unique watches, limited to 10,000 pieces worldwide, will go on sale on February 15th, 2022, and the collection is guaranteed to be in high demand among watch collectors and enthusiasts hoping to get their hands on one, or all, of the limited edition collection, which is sure to be a sell-out.

The wristwatches are being created to commemorate the long-awaited film, which will be released on March 2nd of this year. The limited-edition Police x THE BATMAN watches are designed with a bold and powerful ensemble inspired by The Batman and are available for purchase in certain Watch Republic shops and renowned department stores. THE BATMAN Watch, THE BATMAN Vengeance Edition Watch, and THE BATMAN Gotham City Edition Watch are among the watches properly named after the compelling franchise.

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THE BATMAN WATCH sports a two-part case design that evokes the character's split personality. Each case may be set to a different time zone, which is ideal for life's foreign travels. The Bat Symbol and movie title art are adorning the lower half of the clock in an industrial manner

THE BATMAN – Vengeance Edition Watch 

In the Vengeance version, THE BATMAN unleashes his full rage. This timepiece features a black plated stainless-steel case and strap with three dials for three different time zones. Hour-markers rise upwards and outwards from the main dial, which is buried deep inside. Industrial screws and imaginative Bat Symbol stacking add character to the case and dial, creating a sense of depth and creativity. The famous 'P' insignia is emblazoned on each grooved crown.

THE BATMAN – Gotham City Edition Watch 

The Gotham City edition comes alive with a brilliant lighting feature inside a black plated stainless-steel case, a homage to the city that sees it all. The iconic Bat Symbol illuminates the dark honeycomb dial. At the 4-hour position, a noticeable crown is added, which is protected by a practical metal clasp. A soft-touch black silicon strap with The Bat Symbol carved on metal hardware on each side completes the timepiece.


Fancy prowling the streets of Gotham City with these Limited Edition Police x The Batman accessories? Get your exclusive Bat mask keychain and tote bag with every Police watch purchased from 15 February until the end of March or until supplies last.

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