14 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

We know there’s a lot of pressure when you’re giving gifts to your loved ones during Valentine’s day.

Most of the time, you consider two things when searching for the perfect valentines day gift for him/her: one, your budget, and two, the sentimental value of your gift in the long run.

Don’t worry; we’ve prepared a list for you just for this special occasion.

WORK: Couple Watches for Business

You know the type – it’s always work, work and more work. We have a selection of excellent watches brimming with style, features, and superb workmanship for the ambitious, hardworking man or woman in your life.

Axis Dexter

Axis Dexter 3-Hand 44mm Stainless Steel Band

Axis’ Dexter stainless steel silver watch is perfect for working professionals who want a stylish and affordable watch. It has a silver metallic bezel and white finish dial with a distinct gold finish on its hand and marks.



Axis Donna

Axis Donna 3-Hand 34mm Stainless Steel Band

Donna is Axis Dexter’s counterpart for women’s wear. It has the same style as Axis Dexter; that’s why this is perfect for couples who want a matching accessory for their everyday look.

Get 30% Off when you buy 2 Axis watches in a single receipt.


Axis Aries

Aries 3-Hand 42mm Stainless Steel Band

Axis Aries is a two-toned Gold stainless steel watch. It has a Gold metallic bezel and a silver case. Its stainless steel strap segment at the middle has a gold finish on its edges. Lastly, it has the numbers 8, 12, and 4 on its markers with gold line markers between them.


Axis Ana

Axis Ana 3-Hand 32mm Stainless Steel Band

Axis Ana is also a two-toned Gold stainless steel pair watch for Axis’ Aries. The circumference of its case is much smaller. It also has a thinner strap width to fit the women's style for watches.

Get 30% Off when you buy 2 Axis watches in a single receipt.


Q Timex Reissue

Q Timex Reissue Day-Date 38mm Stainless Steel Band

The first Q Timex, introduced in the 1970s, provided a modern quartz watch to a new generation. The Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch adds brilliant flashes of color to the classic elements of the original — a rotating bezel, braided stainless-steel band, functioning battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal — in a logical progression of our much-loved Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch. It's everything you've always wanted, plus more.

Asheville Timex

Asheville 2-Hand 34mm Metal Band

With our Asheville selection, you may choose a gorgeous timepiece. It is the ideal design for day-to-night wear, as it is beautifully contemporary and attractive. For a traditional and dazzling appearance, this refined feminine style has stylish ornamentation on the rose gold-tone case, dial, and bracelet with transparent dial markers.


PLAY: Couple Watches for Adventure

Some folks have a restless spirit that takes them places. We have a great selection of rugged and sophisticated timepieces from some of the world’s best brands for die-hard travelers and adventurers.


Limited Edition Pair G-shock Baby G

G-Shock/Baby-G Limited Model Pair Digital 43mm Resin Band

Do you and your special someone enjoy going to the beach to unwind and play? Or are you and your partner more likely to go snorkeling or diving among the coral reefs? Our G-shock/Baby-G limited model pair is perfect for you.

A wave and heart motif are on the band and case back of the SLV-21B-2 pair. To see your matching heart design emerge on its display, press the light button on these watches.

These sun-kissed ocean treasures are finished with custom packaging of dazzling light blue paper; a perfect couples watch gift.

G-Shock Casioak Women AnaDigi

G-Shock Casioak Women AnaDigi 40mm Resin Band

Go sleek, clean, and bold with a mid-sized G-SHOCK in a metal-clad octagonal spin on the original classic design.

The robust bezel, forged in stainless steel with a rounded hairline finish, screams great style from every angle. It has a rose gold plating color, and the mirrored indexes offer shimmering depth to the dial, which has been flattened for slimness.


G-Shock Casioak Metal Covered

G-Shock Casioak Metal Covered AnaDigi 44mm Resin Band

This G-shock watch has the same features as G-shock Casioak women AnaDigi watch.

It’s a multifunction watch that can show you the day and distance of your everyday jog. It can also act as a timer and alarm.

This watch has a metal steel bezel around it and a brushed metal gray finish on its dial, making it go well with various outfits.

G-Lide Digital Watch

G-Shock G-Lide Digital 46mm Resin Band

This version of the G-Lide watch has a new and improved bezel. Its Bezel is made both of resin and metal, with stainless steel for the bezel top for impact resistance, especially for rocks underwater when you’re surfing. This watch also has a highly reflective display that enhances legibility in sunlight. Since it is a reflective display, you have no problem reading the time at any angle and under strong sunlight.

This new model can display information required by surfers (high and low tide periods and levels). Lastly, it also has an accelerometer sensor to measure your daily activity; just pair it to your app on your phone to log those activities.

INDULGE: Couple Watches for Special Occasion

We adore the young and beautiful! We are constantly amazed at their talent and creativity, not to mention their sense of style. At watchrepublicshop.com, you will always find an exceptional selection of stylish and glamorous watches that look great in the office and after-party celebrations – perfect for the kings and queens of culture and social media.

Police Xmas Box Set Multifunction 50mm Leather Band

When you wear this rough set of Police with confidence, you can pull off any style. This Police Armor multifunction watch features elaborately sculpted subdials and a stylish and distinctive style. It has a stainless steel casing with a black and silver dial, demonstrating the timepiece's outstanding quality. The attractive leather bracelet complements the multifunction watch, giving it a more defined, rugged appeal.

Esprit Klara

Klara Set 3-Hand 32mm Stainless Steel Band

The glittering zirconia stones on the watch dial lend an elegant touch to this stainless-steel timepiece. This traditional wristwatch has a stainless-steel silver band, and a classic metallic dial with distinct gold finishes on the hands and markers; it blends all of these components, making it ideal for everyday wear.



Guess Gold Watch

Guess 3-Hand 44mm Stainless Steel Band

Do you love a sleek design wristwatch? This Guess stainless steel gold formal watch is perfect for every occasion. It has a diamond pattern dial design with Swarovski crystals on its primary markers that adds a high-end style to your wrist. It has a gold bezel partnered with a gold mesh bracelet that creates a premium feeling while wearing it.



Raga Date 34.5mm Metal Band

The watch has a pink analog dial with a rose gold-toned metallic band with a gloss and matt finish and may be worn as a bracelet with a jewelry clasp for the best fit. The watch's dial is superbly crafted with a date function for everyday usage, and the strap is studded with two Swarovski Baguette Crystals, making it all rich and royal.

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