A classic style for men and women, leather watches have an understated elegance that means they stay on-trend for years. Casual, dressy, and everything in between, this adaptable style is a must-have for any jewellery collection, with price points available for any budget.

Learn what to look for in a leather watch, and take a look at the full selection of ladies' leather watches and men's leather watches with The Watch Hut.

Taste and budget are the biggest deciders when you're browsing for a leather watch, though quality is just as essential for those looking for a luxurious and durable time piece.

To find a leather watch that's high quality and will maintain its appearance, be sure to read the material details to check that the strap is genuine leather. Authentic leather will be marked as a such, and will retain its quality over a longer period than imitation leather.

For those with a smaller budget, or who prefer to avoid real leather, there are plenty of imitation leather watches available that look authentic. Just be sure to remember that the strap will likely need replacing sooner than genuine leather, especially if worn daily.