Watch Republic Shop - About Us



Over the past ten years, Watch Republic has been evolving as the market itself has been changing and getting more demanding.


In 2013, Watch Republic was re-launched and introduced a new design and concept:  WORK, INDULGE and PLAY. Watch Republic now offers brands that cater to these different lifestyles and moods of our clients by offering a portfolio of selected brands that fit these needs. Along with the new look came the introduction of new brands, from the iconic Ingersoll to the vibrant Juicy Couture, the brands run the gamut from Heritage to Novelties and from Classic to High Fashion.





This year, Watch Republic aims to do much more, to be much more. The new store concept and positioning are just the beginning as we will soon launch services and perks that will be pioneers in the industry as we build on our promise of excellent customer service.






You just realized you have your 8:30 AM monthly executive meeting today. Couldn’t get a decent parking and your car clock just broke.


You should have worn a watch.


You have an all-important date at 7:05. Accessory shopping’s taking forever. Then something glittering stops you.


You should have indulged last 15th.


The white sand’s calling for you. You have to heed it. You pack all your things and ready to go. You look at your wrist, pleased.


You’re all set to hit the waves.


When we say we know time, we’re not kidding.


Crafted. Precise. Modern. Luxury.


Imagine all of these housed under one hub. Will you go anywhere else?